The Whole Person Project, Inc. is a NASBA-certified organizational development consulting firm which facilitate groups to get where they want to be. Founded in 1983 by Ann M. Butera, The Whole Person Project specializes in assisting companies to introduce, implement and manage change triggered by growth, technology, shifting markets, significant legislation, and mergers and acquisitions.

TWPP Inc.’s custom-designed management consulting and training services aid client firms in the implementation of their business goals and initiatives. We accomplish this by providing our client’s employees with the skills and tools needed to improve sales and productivity, enhance employee job performance and development, and decrease turnover.

“Custom-designed” has a special and literal meaning for us. Customization does not mean just adding your company’s name to a pre-existing set of materials. We do not market “off-the-shelf” solutions.

Our design process:
  • Identifies each client’s specific business plans and issues as well as the backgrounds and needs of the participants.
  • Produces a unique set of behavioral objectives for each project, i.e., a list of actions we will provide for each participant to perform on the job after the project is completed.
  • Includes post-training follow-up actions. This is an essential component to our programs to facilitate reinforcement of acquired skills and implementation of desired processes.

We keep the elements of each client’s existing business objectives and organizational culture in mind as we design the project, ensuring that the results will be consistent with the initiatives already underway in the department or company.

Our custom-designed, tailored training is experiential, educational and motivational, and focuses on professional development as well as industry-specific technical topics. Each program bridges the gap between theory and reality by incorporating the use of specific training techniques such as small group exercises and role-plays, which typify actual situations encountered at work by the participants.

As an added value to our clients, our topics qualify for CPE credits.

Services Offered by The Whole Person Project:

Management Consulting
Professional Development
Strategic Planning
Succession Planning
Team Building Training
Internal Audit Training
Risk Management Training
Sales Training
IIA Speaker
1st Line of Defense Training
2nd Line of Defense Training
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CAAT Testing    
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