We design and author your team’s computer-based training (CBT) programs or modules based on your training needs. We analyze why your team’s behavior isn’t what you’d like it to be, confirm that training will actually solve the problem, and identify how the training will be supported by managers, workplace changes, and other improvements. We recommend learning objectives that can be conveyed during a 20 – 60 minute module for the viewer. Our e-modules incorporate your policies and methodologies.

Our modules consist of:
  • Key behavioral objectives, i.e., the activities participants should be able to do as a result of viewing the self-study modules
  • Core content, i.e., key techniques or “how to” explanations to aid participants’ thinking and documentation
  • Pertinent screen prints
  • Knowledge assessments, i.e., questions and answers
  • A coaching guide for managers to reinforce the content and help them provide consistent responses to participants’ questions after viewing modules

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