Say What!? Communicate with Tact and Impact

Intended for audit, information security, enterprise, and operational risk professionals at all levels, including those just starting out, Say What!? Communicate with Tact and Impact: What to Say to Get Results at Any Point in an Audit contains an array of practical and time-tested approaches that foster efficient and effective communication at any point during an engagement.

The practical and memorable techniques are culled from author Ann M. Butera’s CRP experience as a trusted advisor who has taught thousands of professionals how to develop and hone their interpersonal, communication, and empathic skills. Those familiar with the Five Tier Competency ModelTM she developed will recognize these techniques as a deep dive on the competencies comprising Tier 3: Project Management and Tier 5: Managing Constituent Relations.

The author discusses the following behaviors in one’s dealings with executives, process owners, control performers, and colleagues:

Target audience:

This book is a guide for professionals who want to interact proactively and persuasively with those they work with, audit, or review. It describes techniques that can be used during virtual, in-person, telephone, or video conferences (as opposed to emails, work papers, and reports). It provides everyone (newer associates in particular) with the interpersonal skills needed to (1) develop and build relationships with their internal constituents and clients, (2) facilitate conversations and discussions before and during meetings, and (3) handle impromptu questions with confidence and executive presence and makes positive first impressions.

Topics and techniques:

The topics and techniques discussed are accompanied by case studies, examples, and exercises to give the readers the opportunity to develop plans to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The readers can use the book as a reliable resource when subject matter experts or training guides are not readily available.

Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency

Mastering the Five Tiers of Audit Competency is an anthology of powerful risk-based auditing practices. Filled with practical do and don’t techniques, it encompasses the interpersonal aspects of risk-based auditing, not just the technical content. This book focuses on the behaviors you need to demonstrate and the habitual actions you need to take at each phase in an audit to manage relationships as well as the work itself. The book leverages The Whole Person Project, Inc.’s 30 years’ experience in hands-on organizational development consulting and custom designing internal audit training programs.

Encompasses the interpersonal aspects of risk-based auditing, not just the technical content

Focuses on behavioral techniques, things auditors should and shouldn’t do, that will make audit projects more effective

Leverages TWPP Inc., Inc.’s 30 years of hands-on organizational development experience and custom-designed internal audit training programs to aid those just starting out in audit as well as experienced auditors

Coming fall 2021 – a practical guide on how to say anything to anybody
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