Process Risk Assessment and Control Evaluation

Process Risk Assessment and Control Evaluation” will be facilitated by Ann M. Butera, CRP and President of The Whole Person Project, Inc., an organizational development consulting firm that specializes in internal audit and risk management.

The purpose of this class is to provide you with methods you can use to:

  • Understand and apply the audit methodology
  • Identify risks versus reversed or broken controls
  • Identify control activities related to the identified risks
  • Use the guidelines for risk assessment and control evaluation
  • Develop maps with the appropriate detail to depict existing controls and support control analysis
  • Structure an appropriate audit test for a specific control activity
  • Analyze test results to determine the significance of exceptions
  • Differentiate between symptoms and root causes
  • Formulate and record issues based on test results

This three-day overview Group-internet based session qualifies for 24 CPE credits in Auditing

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